Creation Story – Day Six: Lounging Leopard

BibleRhymes' Creation: Jungle Animals - Children's Bible Story
Creation Story: Jungle Animals
Creation Story - Day Six: Lounging Leopard
Creation Story - Day Six: Lounging Leopard

Lounging Leopard: Old vs. New

Above, there are two drafts of the jungle picture from the BibleRhymes’ Creation children’s book.

How many drafts does it take to truly “finish” a picture? It seems like shading, expressions, colors and everything else that goes into a picture could always be improved with another tweak. But tweaks have to stop so art can be shared. When that happens is a judgement call and not always a clear choice.

Free Book Demos

Enjoy the online Bible stories, or help yourself to a look at the “Creation” book demos (the book comes in two versions).

Learning Italian

While working with Antonella Chirco during the development of the hardcover version of the Creation story, I learned a bit of Italian. She would send me pictures of paintings she was working on for our books. Pictures with the leopard always had the name leopardo attached.

I also learned phrases like this, “Io voglio mangiare adesso!”

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