Rainbow and Angels – Creation Story

A rainbow or angels—I think of those things and I have nothing but peaceful and happy thoughts. What about you?

BibleRhymes' Creation: Angels and a Rainbow - Children's Bible Story Book Illustration
Creation Story: Angels
Creation Story - Angels and a Rainbow
Creation Story – Angels and a Rainbow

These images are two drafts of a picture in the BibleRhymes’ Creation children’s book, illustrated by Ken McCardell.

Book Demo

Enjoy the interactive online ebook, or check out the demo.

Bow in the Sky

The above picture is from the creation story, but the picture makes me think of another story I’ve spent many hours working on. The story is from Genesis, and it has a bow in the sky. Can you think of the story, or what the bow signifies?

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

If you like sunshine, the ocean, and happy people then you may want to check out this youtube video. What could fit an angels and rainbow page much better than Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole playing his ukulele and singing. Can you watch the video and not smile?

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