Christmas Story Book Pictures

Christmas Story: Book Cover
BibleRhymes' Christmas Story: Mary and Cousin Elisabeth
Mary Visits Cousin Elisabeth
BibleRhymes' Christmas Story - Flying Angel
Christmas Story: Flying Angel
BibleRhymes' Christmas Story: Mary, Joseph, Donkey and Bunny
Mary, Joseph, Donkey and Bunny
BibleRhymes' Christmas Story - Wise Man and Camel
Wise Man and a Camel
Wise men offering gifts - Bible Rhymes Children's Book
Wise Men Offer Jesus Gifts

Free Book Demo

These images are drafts of pictures from the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story children’s book. Check out the book demo for free!

Hardcover Book or Coloring Pages

We also have a version of this story that was illustrated by Antonella Chirco. It can be found as a hardcover in our store, and also as coloring pages.

What do You Know?

An all-time favorite of the Bible is the Christmas story. The story of Jesus’ birth is great for kids and adults to learn. Who did angels visit? What city was Jesus born in? What kind of presents did He get?

Bible Verses

Bible verses for this classic can be found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Matthew 1: 1-25, Matthew 2: 1-12
Luke 1: 26-56, Luke 2: 1-20

BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story

This story tells of angels, Mary’s cousin Elisabeth, King Herod, wise men, shepherds and more. Music from the interactive ebook will get you smiling and singing with the spirit of the season. I’m not kidding. The music is seriously terrific.

More Pictures

Links below are to a couple illustrations and rough-drafts that were a part of creating this BibleRhymes story.
Overlooking Bethlehem
Joseph has Doubts

When was Jesus Born?

Christmas is traditionally celebrated on December 25th. Was that the day of the actual birth of Jesus? There is plenty of debate about when Jesus was born.

Here is my opinion…

If we can’t be sure when Jesus was born, we should keep the Christmas spirit going all year long.

Holiday Poems

You can read about some of my holiday memories in this poem.

I have more holiday poems for you to enjoy, but click this link if you’re in the mood for a snowman poem and illustration!

Christmas joy comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s with an ebook, a cherry-ring, family, a snowman, music, or whatever the case may be—please enjoy the holidays!

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