Angels Visit Shepherds

This is part of a picture that has shepherds, with their flocks of sheep, being visited by angels. The picture is from the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story – First Edition children’s Bible story book.

This book comes in a hardcover version. It will also be re-released as one of BibleRhymes online Bible stories.

Angel Visits Shepherds: BibleRhymes' Christmas Story - Bible Book for Kids
Angels visit shepherds

Before being turned into an electronic file, this picture was first illustrated by Antonella Chirco with air-brushes and paint-brushes on canvas.

Bible Verses

Click this link to read Bible verses about angels in the Christmas story. That link will also take you to see an illustration of an angel by BibleRhymes author and illustrator Ken McCardell.

Is it a coincidence?

It seems fitting that shepherds were notified of the birth of the Son of God, since God is the ultimate shepherd.

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