Christmas Story: First Edition

Christmas Story - Angel Brings News of Jesus
Christmas Story: Angel Brings News
Mary travels to Bethlehem
Pregnant Mary Travels to Bethlehem
Christmas Story - Animals by Manger
Animals by Jesus’ Manger
Angel visits Joseph's dreams
Angel visits Joseph’s dreams
Angels visit shepherds
Angels Visit Shepherds
Wise men plan to see Jesus
Wise men plan to see Jesus


These images are from pictures in the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story children’s book, illustrated by Antonella Chirco.

The hardcover book is in our store. It also will be re-released as one of BibleRhymes online Bible stories.

Bible Quote

“his name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb.”

The Christmas Story

… is an all-time favorite story in the Bible. Bible verses for this classic can be found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Matthew 1: 1-25, Matthew 2: 1-12
Luke 1: 26-56, Luke 2: 1-20

What’s the Story About?

The BibleRhymes poem covers the whole Christmas story. From angels to wise men, King Herod, Bethlehem, taxes, Jesus’ birth, swaddling clothes, shepherds—BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story has it all. A poem with frankincense, myrrh, gold, and guiding stars—what could be better?

Word to Know

Word of the day – Swaddle (noun) long, narrow strip of cloth used for swaddling, or bandaging. To swaddle (verb) is to bind or wrap with long, narrow strips of cloth to restrict movement.

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