Apostle Paul in Prison – BibleRhymes’ Book Cover

Apostle Paul kept busy for Jesus. He was a missionary and purpose driven. From epistles to prisons, he left quite a wake.

Apostle Paul and Silas - Bible Story Book Cover
BibleRhymes’ Paul and Silas – Bible Story Book Cover

It took a lot of brush-strokes to get the BibleRhymes’ Paul and Silas children’s book cover. I’m thankful that I was given the chance to work on all of the BibleRhymes projects. Every brush-stroke has been worthwhile.

Free Book Demos

This BibleRhymes story comes in two versions. Check out the demos, or the ebook page for more information.

Apostle Paul: In Jail for What?

Paul was in prison—a position not many would like to encounter. He was there for a good reason. He cast a spirit out of a possessed woman with the power of Jesus. That cost someone money and got him in trouble. But that wasn’t the reason he went to prison. Someone in prison needed him. Do you know who?

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