BibleRhymes’ Galilee Storm – Ebook Demo

This is a story of Jesus, His disciples, and a test of faith. It is a New Testament Bible story that can get each of us to reflect on how strong our faith is.

The “Galilee Storm” Bible story can be found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Click this link for the full version of the “Galilee Storm” ebook.


  • Download the ebook to your personal device (verses viewing in a browser) for easier control of what “reader” is used to view the file.
  • Press (“ctrl”+l), on Windows, for full screen viewing, and (“ctrl”+l) again to escape from full screen viewing.
  • Left and right direction arrows on a keyboard turn book pages forwards and back.


  • The ebook has two-page spreads. Each spread is 17″ x 11″ on a large enough screen.
  • The information on this page could indeed help to improve your BibleRhymes ebook viewing experience. If you have troubles viewing the books, please come back and read everything. Hopefully that would solve the problem.
  • Not all browsers will view the book correctly.


  • Internet Explorer – opens book which functions correctly.
  • Google Chrome – opens book that functions incorrectly. Has option to open with Adobe Reader which allows book to open in browser and function correctly.
  • Firefox – opens book that functions incorrectly. Has option to download, or open the book with Adobe Reader for it to function correctly.
  • Systems and setups are invariably different. Browsers and devices change rapidly. Your feedback is welcomed.

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