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Creation Story – Cover Update

The creation story begins like this: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Genesis 1: 1)

BibleRhymes' Creation: Children's Story Book Cover
BibleRhymes’ Creation: Book Cover

The picture above is an update of the illustration below for the book BibleRhymes book cover.

The Bible, in the Book of Genesis, tells of the seven days of creation. BibleRhymes brings that story to life with illustrations, music, narration and more. From complete darkness to blue skies, from water being gathered to whales at play, from the heavens being formed to birds looping through thy sky, this Bible storybook has a lot to love!

BibleRhymes' Creation Story Cover Illustration

Creation Story Update

BibleRhymes’ Creation, is now available to download! The book comes in two different versions. You can test the DEMOS here.

A picture gallery is here for “Creation.” But many of the pictures in the BibleRhymes’ galleries are rough drafts, and won’t necessarily be the pictures that are in the books. That being said, whatever shows up in the final books will be as good, or better, than the pictures in the galleries.

Hardcovers Available

BibleRhymes’ Creation is also available as a hardcover. Click the link for reviews of BibleRhymes books.

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