Sliding Puzzles

Until this notice is down, the Christmas sliding puzzles are being tested to resize for improved game play on mobile phones. When the Christmas puzzle code works correctly, the rest of the games will get updated as well. Thanks for your patience!

Click on a link to reach a sliding puzzles game.

Most games will have five pictures for puzzles.

Arrange tiles to correctly form a picture.

There are three difficulty levels.

Steps taken to complete the puzzles are counted and so is the time.

Sliding Puzzles - BibleRhymes Book Picture Game
Sliding Puzzles – BibleRhymes Book Picture Game

Old Testament


Noah and the Ark
Bad People

New Testament

Poor Widow

Galilee Storm

Sliding Puzzles

Puzzle games like this have been around since at least the 1870’s. BibleRhymes will be working on another type of sliding game as well. The type of puzzle is known as the “Fifteen Puzzle.” Many of our children’s book pictures will end up as a puzzle to play!