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Matching Games - BibleRhymes - Children's Books
Picture Matching
Sliding Puzzles - Games - BibleRhymes Children's Story Books
Sliding Puzzles

Guessing Games - Disappear by Mistake - BibleRhymes - Children's Books
Word Guessing Game – Disappear by Mistake
Animals - Picture Quiz - BibleRhymes - Children's Books
Animals – Picture Quiz
Multiple Choice Quizzes - BibleRhymes - Children's Books
Multiple Choice Bible Quizzes

Replacing Games

The pictures below are from games BibleRhymes is updating to be released in new formats to fit more devices. A few of the updated versions are linked to above.

BibleRhymes' Bible Puzzles - Online Confuzzle Games
Bible Puzzles: Confuzzle Puzzle
BibleRhymes' Multiple Choice Online Bible Quiz Games
Multiple Choice Bible Quiz
BibleRhymes' Coloring - Online Bible Games
Picture Coloring
BibleRhymes' Online Bible Crossword Puzzles
Bible Crossword Puzzles
BibleRhymes' Jigsaw Puzzles - Online Bible Games
Bible Jigsaw Puzzles
BibleRhymes' Typing Race - Online Bible Games
Typing Race – Online Bible Game
BibleRhymes' Online Bible Memory Games - Matching
Bible Memory – Matching
BibleRhymes' Online Bible Trivia Games - Hang-a-Bot
Bible Trivia – Hang-a-Bot
BibleRhymes' Word Search Puzzles - Online Bible Games
Bible Word Search Puzzles
BibleRhymes' Typing Game - Online Bible Verses
Typing Speed – Bible Verses
BibleRhymes' Bible Trivia Games - Bibleopardy
Bible Trivia – Bibleopardy

What to Play?

There are memory games, matching, puzzles, coloring, quizzes, racing, word searches, crosswords and more!

Games are Helpful

  • By playing Bible quizzes, knowledge sinks in.
  • Races and speed typing will help Bible verses become ingrained.
  • Coloring helps mold a person’s artistic side.
  • Puzzles can be memory builders

You can talk to a doctor about all of the possible benefits of playing. But helping people learn about the Bible while having fun is something that BibleRhymes is here for.

Children’s Pastors

Is there a story that you’re covering in church or would like your children to learn about that BibleRhymes doesn’t have an activity for? Name the story and see what happens.


BibleRhymes had about 700 Bible games on the website. With changing technology, all of those had to be redesigned.

Many of the Bible multiple-choice quizzes are back. Matching, puzzle gamesand trivia are here as well!. Then more and more will be available.

For a short time you can find more free games here.

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