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Why My Neighborhood Is the Best (or one of…)

From retirees to young folk, my neighborhood is filled with the type of people that make it a pleasure to live near.

With the younger people around here, I’ve done everything together with them from fishing, to bowling, rock-climbing, rollerblading, baseball, football, basketball, movies, church, dinners, brunches and plenty more.

The older people aren’t quite as active, but they’re still as nice as can be.

Over the last week I decided to clean up some smaller trees between the neighbor’s and my house. Then I turned all the soil so I could get a garden growing instead of the weeds that were underneath the trees. The neighbor is past retirement age, so I did all of the work necessary on his side of the property line as well.

To return the favor, he came and helped when I decided to cut down a big pine tree yesterday. Now don’t raise your eyebrows at me, I did most of the grunt work on that too. But he did bring out tools and helped with some sawing and branch cutting.

Today I went out to do more cutting. That’s when someone pulled in the neighborhood that I hadn’t met yet. He stopped his car, rolled down the window, and told me come over to his house. He had a chainsaw that he knew could simplify my job.

I know a lot of places around where people don’t even wave to their neighbors, much less get to know them or help them out. All the way around my block, from the heating and cooling guy that fixed my AC, to the pastor that’s had me read my books at his church, to the old man that my dogs and I helped take his trash to the curb while we were out rollerblading… everyone is in the game to help and look out for the others around them. This is an abbreviated note too. I haven’t even touched on the guy who plows other people’s (including mine) driveways in the winter, or many of the other examples of kindness that I’ve seen, or been a part of, since I moved here.

That is why my neighborhood is the best (or one of…)

And if you don’t live in a place like this, start transforming the neighborhood you live in. Often it only takes one person to show-off their kindness, to get other people to let down their guard and do the same.

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