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Beacons of Light

When someone turns on a light an area will become illuminated. If they turn on a light in their home a room will illuminate, chasing away the darkness. And if a mental light gets turned on then their mind will be illuminated.

People have obviously figured out how to turn on light-switches and street-lights. Large cities across the globe shine in the night because people understand how to generate electricity. Now whose responsibility is it to turn on the mental lights? Who will ensure that the light of truth will be seen?

This is not a governmental responsibility; not only is it far beyond their capabilities, oftentimes it wouldn’t even seem in their best interests. Illuminating with truth can’t even fall on the shoulders of religious leaders. Heads of many organizations can be too involved with policy or administrative duties to actually spend the proper amount of time turning on mental lights around the world.

What good leaders can do is shine a light of truth in their area. Then it is up to everyone these leaders have come in contact with to absorb that truth and become their own beacon of light. Switch by switch, person by person, streets then neighborhoods then cities and states can all start shining … with spiritual truths.

There are many people that go to church on Sundays. There are many others that don’t go to church but still feel they have a strong relationship with God. And out of these people a large number of them you’d never know they had any religious beliefs unless you pried that information out of them.

Religious beliefs stay indiscernible for a myriad of reasons. There are a plethora of bad habits or untoward behaviors that people exhibit which could well overshadow anyone’s professed belief in a higher power. And even if a person with these bad behaviors were familiar with goodly truths and spoke about them, the truths would likely be received with raised eyebrows and skepticism rather than open ears and hearts. The light of truth can be blotted out by undesirable actions or lifestyles.

This has always been a problem for different religious groups. Who’s going to listen to Muhammad when people that claim to be his messengers blindly slaughter innocent civilians? Who’s going to listen to Jesus when people that claim to be his messengers line up at funerals remorselessly displaying signs that say, “God hates fags!”

God doesn’t hate anyone. And God doesn’t approve of killing anybody in His name.

But God does need maintenance workers here on earth; He needs more lights working. Some lights that were shining brightly have dimmed. Other lights that could be shining just haven’t been turned on yet.

With different pastors or fathers of various churches getting in trouble for indiscretions not only have some lights been turned off but a multitude of others have short-circuited. Now work needs to be done to bring the Lord’s truth back to the world. His truth needs to be polished and presented with the clarity and love it was shared with when Jesus walked on earth.

The truth can be shared with simple ideas of love and sharing and caring for others. If you can represent the Lord by showcasing His truth in these forms then you’ll be one of the many beacons of light the world is in dire need of. And when your light starts shining you may just brighten up your neighborhood enough that someone else will be able to see the truth clearly enough to absorb it. Then their light will shine; and on and on.

So do your part. Polish yourself. Plug yourself in. Read the Bible. Do whatever you need to so you can make yourself shine. Because whether you realize it or not, there are a whole lot of people counting on you.

Including me…

kenneth w.

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