BibleRhymes at the International Christian Retail Show
Before the opening bell of the International Christian Retail Show.

Made for God (and His children). Made with Love. Made in America.

I’m Ken McCardell (in the black suit). BibleRhymes is my baby, but it can be yours too.

One of the last two stories I wrote and illustrated (BibleRhymes’ Poor Widow) was requested by a girl I met at Vacation Bible School this summer. If there’s a story you want done, if there’s a book you want covered in a game, let me know. Though I can say this, I have a stack of poems written already that are just waiting for art. So if there’s a book you’re looking for, it might be in production already.

I’ll add this right away, this site is brand new. LOTS of links on here still need to be pointed to proper landing pages. When that’s done, a membership portion of the site will be created and a store will be added for our hardcovers (which you can buy many other places on the internet until then, if you search for BibleRhymes).

BibleRhymes main focus right now is making Bible rhymes. We produce Bible stories, big and small, in an understandable and fun to read, poetic format. The books are in both hardcover and online varieties. You can go to the Book Pictures or even the homepage to see examples of what’s in our books.

Or you could forget the hesitation and contemplation and just get a membership here for a low price. And we have a variety of membership options to fit needs for families, churches, schools… and if we missed something, just send a note!

I could go on and on about BibleRhymes but instead I’ll suggest you check out our book demos. Even if you’re not getting a membership right this moment, I’ll bet you’ll like hearing the music that’s been developed for our interactive online books. (Thank you Michael McCarthy!)

Since I mentioned Mike, the music composer, I better introduce Antonella Chirco (illustrator of our three hardcovers Noah, Creation and the Christmas Story) and Don Cassity (of Rugrats and Marvel Comics fame) who illustrated BibleRhymes’ Zacchaeus. Over the last months of 2011 Don will begin work on another book for us as well.

When I started BibleRhymes I couldn’t even write quality poems, had never done any artwork (aside from a required course in junior high) or any type of website or animation work. Now I’m illustrating most  of the BibleRhymes books, writing and animating all of them, and as I’m writing this, it’s one of the last pages I’m putting together (aside from the hundreds of games I still have to upload) for this, the first website I’ve developed myself.

With that being said, if you don’t like something BibleRhymes related, I’m probably to blame. If that’s the case, I like improving, let me know what you think I should consider.

If you want to hear anything else about BibleRhymes, or have me come reading at your church, I’m always here.

I’m here for questions about publishing, and illustrating, and poems, plus animating, and website development too. Before BibleRhymes, I managed an “organic” cattle ranch, was a financial analyst, a jet-ski tour guide in the Virgin Islands and a home-remodeler/flipper. Basically, with my broad background, if you have questions, I have answers. Though I won’t guarantee I know what I’m talking about.  🙂

If you check out the Gallery Info page you can learn more about the BibleRhymes team and I. To explain myself as thoroughly as some have requested, I need to set up a “testimony” page here. My guess is people would rather see a great picture than hear my testimony though, so I’ll finish up typing, hopefully get this website wrapped up and finally published online.

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  1. Reading your site was very inspirational! For years i’ve wanted to become a children’s book author. It started as a whisper, and ended as a very loud yell to get out of the job that I was doing, and begin the journey. About 2 months ago, I left my very secure, very nice paying job of being the general manager of a few local restaurants in the Arlington, VA area to pursue my dream. So, over the past couple of weeks, i’ve been looking for different publishing agencies that would fit my writing style, and this website definately caught my attention!

    Besides that, from what i’ve read and seen on here, I love your vision, and am interested in learning more about it.

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