BibleRhymes Penguin – Noah’s Ark

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Love Your Neighbors – BibleRhymes Illustration

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King David Fights Lion


Apps for BibleRhymes books have been in development. When they’re ready I’ll start releasing a pile of new books, including the story of David and Goliath (above is one of the pictures). Lots of work has gone into these books … Continue reading

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BibleRhymes’ Creation – Bible Story Book – Cover Illustration Updated

Our new online Creation Bible story has been posted over this weekend! It hasn’t been “officially” released yet, because a couple of changes needed to be made. But, as of this note, the non-narrated version of this Creation story is available for BibleRhymes members to enjoy!

Over the next day or two (after a few more revisions are made), the narrated version of this story will be posted for members as well. And for people who aren’t BibleRhymes members yet, the book demo that anyone can view will also be made available.

Update: Creation – narrated, is now available to read!

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